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US-2007199926-A1: Method of laser welding, manufacturing method of control unit, and car electronic control unit patent, US-2007202869-A1: Mobile communication device patent, US-2007206754-A1: Transmission apparatus and transmission method patent, US-2007207404-A1: Treatment for reduction of line edge roughness patent, US-2007228750-A1: Waste collection devices patent, US-2007238546-A1: Golf club shaft patent, US-2007264972-A1: Method and apparatus for a call task manager in a mobile communication device patent, US-2007269203-A1: Image-taking system and image-taking apparatus patent, US-2008033740-A1: On-line anonymous age verification for controlling access to selected websites patent, US-2008042058-A1: Method for Separating a Minute Sample from a Work Piece patent, US-2008045082-A1: Electrical connector patent, US-2008047946-A1: Heated floor board patent, US-2008082692-A1: Dialog apparatus, dialog method, and computer program patent, US-2008117935-A1: Integrated Access Device, Associated Modem Box and Splitting Module patent, US-2008155553-A1: Recovery action management system patent, US-2008204768-A1: Image Processing Apparatus, Method and Program patent, US-2008210162-A1: Substrate Processing Apparatus and Substrate Processing System patent, US-2008217170-A1: Sputtering system patent, US-2008223281-A1: Pop-up cable electronic marker patent, US-2008226228-A1: Optical system connection structure, optical component, and optical communication module patent, US-2008228250-A1: Paddle lead comprising opposing diagonal arrangements of electrodes and method for using the same patent, US-2008264029-A1: Biodegradable grass and debris catcher patent, CN-102242023-B: Laundry liquid with washing and caring functions patent, US-2008273063-A1: System and Method for Supplying an Ink to a Reciprocating Printhead in an Inkject Apparatus patent, US-2008318643-A1: Method of reducing power consumption in a ue when the ue is in idle mode patent, US-2009009793-A1: Image forming apparatus and image forming method patent, US-2009018894-A1: Lead Marketplace System and Method with Ratings System patent, US-2009020286-A1: Plugging a Mined-Through Well patent, US-2009036544-A1: Methods and compositions for inhibiting the proliferation of prostate cancer cells patent, US-2009041387-A1: System and method of image zooming with intensity preservation patent, US-2009046136-A1: Printer cartridge unifying thermal ribbon and transfer medium and thermal transfer printer employing the same patent, US-2009078301-A1: Solar cell module patent, US-2009102266-A1: Headrests for vehicle seats patent, US-2009107602-A1: Self-inflating tire valve patent, US-2009116666-A1: Adjusting acoustic speaker output based on an estimated degree of seal of an ear about a speaker port patent, US-2009129284-A1: Apparatus and method for reporting channel quality indicator in wireless communication system patent, US-2009129387-A1: Extending an ip everywhere network over a plurality of flooding domains patent, US-2009133207-A1: Quick release paint roller patent, US-2009199755-A1: System for loading and unloading of hydrocarbons in ice prone waters patent, US-2009221181-A1: Electrical plug-type connector patent, US-2009261638-A1: Vehicle seat with monitor patent, US-2009263006-A1: Biochip inspecting device and biochip inspecting method patent, US-2009272651-A1: Method for producing high-purity nickel patent, US-2009322915-A1: Speaker and Person Backlighting For Improved AEC and AGC patent, US-2010001949-A1: Spatially Aware Inference Logic patent, US-2010013835-A1: Method and system for typesetting with multiple-color characters using layer fonts patent, US-2010061814-A1: Cutting Tool and Cutting Insert Therefor patent, US-2010066650-A1: Liquid crystal display device including touch panel patent, US-2010124295-A1: Pseudo-differential interfacing device having a termination circuit patent, US-2010132388-A1: Air conditioning control device for vehicle patent, US-2010135444-A1: Multi-carrier receiver with dynamic power adjustment and method for dynamically adjusting the power consumption of a multi-carrier receiver patent, US-2010192782-A1: Coffee machine patent, US-2010213819-A1: Flexible oled display with chiplets patent, US-2004115620-A1: Adenoviral replicons patent, US-2004122379-A1: Cannula protecting cover patent, US-2004131150-A1: Method for non-invasive heart treatment patent, US-2004136975-A1: Anthrax lethal factor inhibits tumor growth and angiogenesis patent, US-2004170578-A1: Fluorine coating composition and method of fluorine coating patent, US-2004182963-A1: Webbing retractor patent, US-2005016894-A1: Compact clamping cartridge for panel-type products patent, US-2005022714-A1: Inflatable anchor lift patent, US-2005049087-A1: Glass laminate system and methods for hockey rinks patent, US-2005050989-A1: Electrochemical reduction of metal oxides patent, US-2005052601-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2005054218-A1: Land grid array socket having terminals with spring arms patent, US-2005107817-A1: Dynamic cannula patent, US-2005132792-A1: Tire pressure monitoring system patent, US-2005132901-A1: Apparatus for making ice cream having an improved dispenser patent, US-2005141630-A1: Weight generation method for multi-antenna communication systems utilizing RF-based and baseband signal weighting and combining based upon minimum bit error rate patent, US-2005197238-A1: Articulated bench patent, US-2005260955-A1: Method for monitoring an RF power amplifier, and an RF device, a monitoring device, and an MR system corresponding thereto patent, US-2005264724-A1: Driving circuit built-in liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2006015778-A1: Emission-monitoring system and method for transferring data patent, US-2006038628-A1: Voltage-controlled oscillator patent, US-2006080214-A1: Computer trading of interests patent, US-2006102714-A1: Transparent credit card processing patent, US-2006139408-A1: Inkjet printer patent, US-2006140452-A1: Computer user detection apparatus and associated method patent, US-2006146028-A1: Candidate list enhancement for predictive text input in electronic devices patent, US-2006180687-A1: Umbrella-type laundry drying apparatus patent, US-2006213324-A1: Soil conditioner patent, US-2006227164-A1: Bearing patent, US-2006230507-A1: Crash helmet that is assembled easily and rapidly patent, US-2006236868-A1: Dessicant container patent, US-2006283234-A1: Method and system for ripple-spring compression assessment patent, US-2006286848-A1: Piercing terminal and connector using same patent, US-2006291225-A1: Electromagnetic radiation assembly patent, US-2007001390-A1: Bill handling device patent, US-2007005811-A1: Computer-implemented method, system, and interface for managing commands for a terminal session patent, US-2007040320-A1: System for media handling patent, US-2007059446-A1: Process for the preparation of urea granules patent, US-2007111550-A1: Cable assembly patent, US-2007157794-A1: Keyboard musical instrument with fallboard located at proper position and rotary connector used for fallboard patent, US-2007158609-A1: Carbon nanoparticle-containing lubricant and grease patent, US-2007159182-A1: Circuits to increase VNA measurement bandwidth patent, US-2007162782-A1: Method for error processing in electronic controllers patent, US-2007222634-A1: Advertising apparatus patent, US-2007241521-A1: Plunger with interchangeable handle system patent, US-2007251333-A1: Magnetostrictive torque sensor and electric power steering apparatus including the same patent, US-2007269841-A1: Determination of concentration of fk778 by competitive immunoassay patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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